Property Magazine,
July 2011.

From multi-storey office conversions in Morningside to a magnificent three-storey home in Dar es Salaam, Sphere produces a symphony of design and architecture.

Sphere Design & Architecture was Sphere Design & Architecture was established in Durban ten years ago, and comprises a design wing with specialist experience in the retail and commercial sector, as well as an architectural wing.

Over the years, architecturally we have diversified into residential, commercial and industrial architecture completing projects both nationally and internationally. Its commercial portfolio includes new high rises, retail centre extensions and alterations, large-scale refurbishments, hotel and leisure projects and residential developments. Domestic work has seen it completing a number of high end residential homes and a number of smaller local projects. The interior design team specialises in restaurant, retail, exhibition stand and corporate design nationally and internationally. This service is an asset to our architectural projects, where Sphere engages in both the building structure and the interior look and feel.

How did you get into your field?

Wendy: I studied architecture. When I joined Sphere, the company had just started expanding into the retail and interior sector, and the glove fitted perfectly.

Gina: I have both a rational side and a creative side. Architecture provides the perfect synergy as a profession.

Do you feel men and women are equally represented in your industry?

Wendy: Yes, I think design is a universal industry. Boundaries between the sexes don’t exist anymore.

Gina: Architecture is judged on a project well done and does not rely on gender. In South Africa, women are well respected and represented in our field.

What unique qualities do women bring to your line of work?

Wendy: We just view the world differently – this gets reflected in our work and gives balance where needed.

Gina: We bring a gentle yet firm touch, which makes us more approachable.

What do you do for fun?

Wendy: I spend time with my family and friends – you can never relax too much!

Gina: I’m passionate about entertaining, painting for my art exhibition, running, rollerblading, listening to music and watching films.