KZN Invest, Issue 16, March 2022

Sphere Design and Architecture has a clean lined and timeless approach to architecture.

Our spaces are designed to give quality of life, both functionally and aesthetically. We specialise in solving complex spatial problems with bespoke and carefully considered design.

One of our bigger projects recently has been Legacy Yard, a food hall concept at the uMhlanga Arch. The design needed to allow for multiple vendors, each with a unique offering.  A huge amount of detail and thought went into this project, each area and vendor having its own style and language.

We have also designed the Lighthouse Quarter refurbishment, rejuvenating a well-positioned existing shopping centre making it relevant to the uMhlanga Village precinct.

The Essenwood Pavilion is a small but important project that showcases how a modern aesthetic can complement the traditional. We designed a pool pavilion next to an exquisite listed residential home, one of Durban’s finest examples of colonial architecture. The result is a modern but warm entertainment space that modernises the home and preserves its rich heritage.

Densification is becoming a major issue in our built environment and needs to be handled with care. There is a desperate need for architects to respect the environment and adjacent properties when developing land. Green spaces are vital and multi-storey developments need to be carefully proportioned to protect light and life in neighbourhoods.