The Umhlanga Magazine, December, 2019.

Murray Ewin (Remo’s Original co-owner, ring a bell?) and his team at the Salt Water Seafood Co, have only been open for about two months and the rising success of the little shop shows the definite need the area had for fresh fish! As I said, poke bowls as a regular, daily fresh catches and sushi – yes, we certainly needed it!
As the space opposite Remo’s became available, Murray put a proposal together for a deli, not just a fish and chips shop, but a place where people could come past after their morning coffee or after doing their hair and pick up some fresh fish to cook at home later that evening (did someone say fresh Norwegian Salmon?). This is how the idea for a unique offering on fish and chips takeaways, coupled with a deli came to be – and Salt Water Seafood Co was born!

“The menu offering, whilst simple, has something for everyone,” says Murray, “from real fresh fish and chips to sushi, and popular poke bowls, as well as boutique-style nibbles, like tofu nuggets – which everyone is raving about!”
Adding Mr Delivery to their service offerings was the next best thing, as what can be better than sitting watching a movie and having your sushi delivered to your door? Yes, okay, my taste buds are in overdrive writing this! Not to be stopped, this deli will soon be offering sushi platters (35 to 60 pieces per platter) to accommodate the needs of corporates, private parties and of course, for impressing your guests for a simple dinner party. Otherwise, there is always the option of getting your hands on some fresh kabeljou or kingklip and wowing your friends with a fish braai…

All the products are sourced from Tightline Fisheries which deliver the fresh catches as soon as they come into the harbour! No frozen,box fish here! From calamari, prawns, tuna and sole, you know that Murray and his team will have only the freshest variety on hand! With a great little seating arrangement, you are able to order a sit down meal with an ice cold drink and enjoy a quick lunch or pop past and make it a family affair for dinner with your own recipes. Oh and let’s not forget, there is the option of poke bowls arriving on your doorstep, which pretty much sounds like heaven to me!